Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Block any website on your computer without internet option

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Normally we used to block website from internet explorer option. But if you have guest or another account, another user can change that setting. As limited users like guest account user can’t modify program files, so it is more reliable if you can block any website in your computer.

Here I describe how you can block any website in your computer without internet option-
1)      Go to run, write- “system32” and press enter.
2)      Open folder named-“drivers”.
3)      From here, open folder named-“etc”.
4)      Here you will find a file named- “host”. Open that file on notepad.
5)      At the last line of that notepad, you will see a line- “       localhost”. Give a space after the word “localhost” and then type or paste the address of the website that you want to block.
6)      Save and close the notepad. Now the website is completely blocked and no one could enter/visit that site from your computer.