Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ping your blog to different search engines

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After your blog or site indexed in search engines, they will automatically re-index your site when you publish a new post. But it may take time. You can manually index your new post to different search engines.

To do this, many third-party websites are building. You can ping your new post to many search engines at a time by these website for absolutely FREE.

Here I listed some sites where you can submit your posts url to ping your blog or site with many search engines at a time.

At-first, point your mouse to your blog post title and right click. Select “Copy link location”. Then go to these sites bellow and paste that at the submit URL area. Then click submit or OK. Then the site will automatically ping your blog to different search engines. Do this every time you publish a new post or update your site.

Sites where you can ping your blog for FREE are listed bellow-

To check go to, copy and paste the url of post (Such as- and press enter. If the address is appear in the first result, and show the word “Cached” in the end of the url, it have been indexed by google.
But when users or you type keywords to search, it depends on your skill of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Hope this post will help you very much. Thank you for with this blog.