Thursday, August 23, 2012

Remind and manage your tasks and events by Google Calendar

google calendarGoogle Calendar is free online web service that can help you to manage and remind all your tasks, events in one place. In our daily busy life, Google Calendar is a very helpful service.

Google Calendar will remind you about your saved task and events by sending you notification in your email and SMS to your mobile.
Some features of google calendar is mentioned bellow -
Free Service: Google Calendar is an absolutely free service. Anyone of any profession can use it to easily manage and remind all of his/her tasks, events, occasions etc.
Add/edit multiple task and events: You can add multiple task and event in a day/week/month/4 day and also can edit them with multiple view.
Manage your tasks and events easily: To manage your tasks and events, google calendar have a nice and powerful interface. You can manage all your tasks, events, occasions etc easily as it has features to describe your tasks, add location, add date and time and many more. All of your schedule will never be missed by you.
Invite people to your events: While you are passing a busy time, google calendar can help you to invite your desired people via email. Just make an event and add emails of your desired people. Google calendar will send invitation to your event them via email with your saved date, time and location.
Get reminder and notification of your scheduled tasks and events: Don’t worry about your busy life. No more your schedule, task and event will missed by you. Google calendar will send notification reminder to your mobile by SMS about your tasks and events, which is completely FREE also. You can set reminder repeat as daily, weekly, monthly, yearly etc and google calendar will remind you in time via sms to your mobile.
Import and export calendar:  You can import calendar of your friend and family. You can also export your calendar to local drive of your computer or print out it.

By the by, google calendar is a most powerful tools as well as a daily managing solution tools of busy life. To use this free service, just log in to-  and sign up with your gmail account.I think this is a amazing free service provided by google, which can make our life easier.