Monday, July 29, 2013

Digital Bangladesh: Bangladesh Post brings- “Postal Cash Card”

As a part of Digital Bangladesh, Bangledesh Post brings “Postal Cash Card”. 
The benefit of Digital Bangladesh is now in your pocket.

Banking For the Unbanked People
According to the principle of - “Banking for Unbanked People”, Bangladesh Post has ran Postal Cash Card. In 26 March 2010, the honorable Pry-minister of Bangladesh declares the Postal Cash Card service.  The businesses walking of this Postal card started from July-2012. 

What is Postal Cash Card?
Postal Cash Card is a plastic card contains magnetic strip. Bangladesh Post using this card as a debit card. Name of cardholder, card number etc. can be stored on this card. By this card, customer can deposit or withdraw money and also can transfer money to other cardholders in a while.

How to be Postal Cash Cardholder?

Any grown-up Bangladeshi citizen can be a Postal Cash Cardholder by submitting following information to the nearest post office-
--Any kind of valid ID card contains photo of the customer.
--3 (Three) copy passport size color photo of the customer.
--Tk. 45/= only.
Utilities & Services of using Postal Cash Card at present
--An opportunity to open a card based account in the post office only for 45/= taka.
--Card is provided instantly to the customer at the time of opening the account.
 --Account can be active for 5 years with minimum balance of Tk.10/= only.
--There is no monthly/yearly hidden charge.
--Money can be deposit everyday on necessity. Maximum Tk. 1,00000/= can be deposit in every transaction.
--Minimum Tk.10/= and maximum Tk.5,00000/= can be balance on every card.
--Maximum 2 (Two) times can be withdrawal of money per day.
--Any amount of money can be deposit or withdrawal by Tk.5/= transaction charge.
--As Bangladesh Post is a government organization, transaction by this card is totally secure.
--At present money can be deposit or withdrawal from every post office/sub-post office of sub-district, district and regional important post office by POS Machine.
 --Money can be also withdrawal from ATM booths of 26 banks under Q-Cash Network.
--You can shop (Supper mall, Shopping Mall) by this card.
--Money can’t be withdraw without Pin number, so it is secure that no one can withdraw money of another person.
--Avoiding mid-level cost, any fund can be sent directly to the payee.
--Facility to pay corporate salary/pension.

Utility/Services will provide in future
--Collecting premiums of different insurance company.
--Utility bill payment.
--Adjust with postal savings account.
--E-commerce, M-commerce facilities.
Limits and Fees
On Application

Card Issue Fee
Tk.45/=    (Tk.10/= will be in your card)
-Minimum amount of  initial load Tk.10/=
-Maximum load amount Tk.1,00000/=
-Maximum total card balance Tk.5,00000/=
Ongoing Features and Charges

Card Replacement Fee
Tk.30/=  per card replace. (Lost/stolen/waste)
Pin Change
Pin Re-issue
Tk.20/=  per Pin Re-issue
Balance Enquiry
Tk.5/=  per Balance Enquiry
Loading/ Deposit in own card
Tk.5/=  per Card Load.
Withdrawal From Own Card
Tk.5/=  per withdrawal
Fund Transfer/C2C Transfer/One to many Transfer
1% of transferred amount or Tk.10, which is higher + Tk.5/=
Money Transfer (When Sender has no card)
1% of transferred amount or Tk.10, which is higher + Tk.10/=

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Digital Bangladesh: Shop Online, Save Your Time (Part-1)

shop in online
Now a days time is so much valuable for all peoples. Another think is that, people are suffering too much because of traffic jam is the most common problem that might hated by all. So if we get such kind of service by which we can get goods staying at home, it will be better for us.

There are many e-commerce website through which we can buy product online. They also deliver products at your door. But the fact is that, all sites are not reliable. You have to know proper reputation of that site.

Some of the most popular sites for online trading and e-commerce in Bangladesh are-,,,,,, etc.

Here I have tried to describe the facilities and availability of products of some popular & well recognized e-commerce sites part by part. is one of the leading online shop in Bangladesh. You can buy here branded Electronics product, Mobile phone, Laptop, Computer, Agro & Livestock, Fashion Accessories, Properties & Rents, Cars & Vehicles and many more. Just open an account and have a nice online shopping. Moreover you can also sell your product by leave a advertise there.

The payment system is very much user friendly. You can make payment via- Visa, MasterCard, DBBL Nexus and other credit or debit cards, bKash etc. Payment by Payza and PayPal is under processing. Just add your chosen products on cart, setup billing & shipping address and checkout for payment.  You may also pay your bill after receiving your product in your hand. You will receive your purchased products in your home by free of cost inside Dhaka city. If you want to receive product to outside of Dhaka city, a small charge will apply.

You can get details information by calling 01742205300 or visit their website at  .