Thursday, November 1, 2012

Eye care of computer user

Eye is a very necessary part of our body. Everything of this beautiful world is dark without our two eyes. So it expects an extra care. Those users use computer for long time everyday, should take care of their eyes. Because the light of computer monitor can be harmed of our eye

Here I describe some important tips for computer user to protects their eyes-

1. Firstly the quality of computer monitor should better.
2. The minimum distance between monitor and eyes should be  
    20-28 inches, and 4-8 inch down from  the  level of eyes. Monitor 
    screen should be a little upside from the table.
3. During work of computer, users should a little exercise of shoulder and sprinkle water to eyes within 
4. Brightness and contrast of monitor should keep a bearable level. Font size, color background and 
    wallpaper should also keep a bearable and cozy.
5. Light of room should keep such position that will not reflect on monitor screen or eyes of user.
6. If you not expert of keyboard use, you should keep the keyboard near to the monitor so that 
    movement of your eyes between monitor and keyboard will be less.
7. If your home or office room, where you use computer is separate from outside scenery, you should 
    keep a green natural background opposite of monitor screen or in wallpaper /screensaver of 
    computer  that will relax your eyes at free time.
8. Naturally eyes of human being are split12-14 times per minute. But this rate become reduced when 
    we use computer or looking at monitor. For this reduced rate, humidity of eyes becomes reduced and 
    causes headache, vertigo etc. Peoples those use computers at air conditioning room, this affect much 
    more. So we should make habit to split our eyes often.
9. Beside that, you should take rest after sometime if you work at computer for long time.

Again remind that, eyes are invaluable parts of our body. So everybody should take care of these at every work.