Sunday, August 26, 2012

Prevent virus attack of your computer by stop Autorun

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Many of our computer are victim of virus provide by USB Storage drive, Pen-Drive, Memory Card etc. When we insert a USB storage device to computer, a program called “autorun” create autoplay of virus contains that device and help it to install on computer.

With a simple way you can prevent installation of virus of USB storage devices. By stop autorun to external devices of your computer, you can save your computer from virus contains on USB storage devices. 

To do this, go to Start > Control Panel
Double click on- “Administrative Tools
Double click on - “Services
From the list of services, find “Shell Hardware Detection” and double click on it.
Under “General” tab, Click “Stop” box.
Now from drop down menu, select “Disabled
Now click “Start” box.
At last click “Apply” and then “Ok

From now, no autorun function of any storage device will attack your system and your computer will remain secure.