Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Windows XP setup guide & process

windows installation support, instal windows xp, pc and tech, support pcWindows XP Professional (Service Pack-2) is the most popular among all operating system of windows platform. Till now no OS can be such popular and used like it. Cause is its easy, fast, reliable and most useful interface for any working environment.

But the sad matter is that, many of users can not setup Windows XP Professional (Service Pack-2). When they face any problem with operating system, they need to take help from others to setup Windows XP Professional (Service Pack-2) on own computer. But it is necessary to know how to setup it.

Today I discuss here a complete process and guideline on- How to setup Windows XP Professional (Service Pack-2). Follow steps bellow to setup Windows XP Professional (Service Pack-2) properly on your computer-

1.      At first, backup all of your files, Folders & documents from “Desktop” & “My Document” to another drive.
2.      Insert Windows XP Professional (Service Pack-2) CD-Disc to your CD/DVD drive and restart computer.
3.      Now according to your motherboards settings, press necessary key for boot menu & select CD-ROM as first boot device. (Such as, for Intel motherboard-press F2, for gigabyte-press F12 etc)
4.      When it shown- “Press any key to boot from CD/DVD….” Press any key from keyboard such as “space-bar” or “Enter”. Now it will load files with blue screen. After sometime, “Terms & Condition” note will appear. Press F8 to agree with terms & conditions of Microsoft Corporation.
5.      Then a notification will appear that says- whether you repair your previous version of Windows XP or setup a fresh copy of Windows Xp. Just press “Enter” key to setup new copy of Windows Xp.
6.      Now a list of your drives will appear. Select “Local Drive C” and press “D” for delete the operating system. After that press “L” for confirm. Now selecting that line, press “C” to create new drive. Press “Enter” to use same memory that has previous time. Then with selecting newly created “Local Drive C”, press “Enter” for setup Windows XP Professional (Service Pack-2). On next window, select 1st line of 4 lines that says- “Format using NTFS Quick” and press ‘Enter”. Then setup will continue.
7.      After a self reboot, setup will continue with colored window and says- “Approximately 39 minutes remaining” at bottom of left side.
8.      During this process, a dialogue box of “Regional and Language Options” will appear. Just click “Next”. On next window, Type your full name in the field “Name” and your organizations name (Such as your schools name, Shops name etc.) in the field “Organization” and click “Next”.
9.      Now enter your 20 digit product code in the box appear. You will find your product code on the packet of Windows XP Professional (Service Pack-2) you purchased. Then click “Next”.
10.  After that a new box of time zone will appear. Select “(GMT+06:00) Astana, Dhaka” as your time zone for user of Bangladesh and click “Next”. Then setup will continue.
11.  After sometime, computer will reboot automatically and then a dialogue box will appear that says-“Monitor Setting”. Just click “OK”. Again click “OK”. Then a window will appear that want names of user. Enter your name at first line and click “Next”. On the next window, give tick to first option that says –“Keep my computer protected” and click “Next”.
12.  Now your new desktop will appear with Welcome. Now you have a fresh operating system of Windows XP Professional (Service Pack-2). Now you should install an antivirus and scan your full computer for virus. After finishing scan, you can install motherboard drivers and then other software you need.

    Enjoy computing with the power of Windows XP Professional (Service Pack-2).