Friday, July 27, 2012

Hide a drive of your computer

hide windows partition
If you have personal data that you don't want
to see others' you can hide that drive.

To do so, First  Go to-
1. "Start > Run" type "gpedit.msc" & press enter.
2. From left side bar click "Administrative
    Templates" under "User Configuration"
3. From Right side bar Double click "Windows
4. Double click "Windows Explorer"
5. Double click "Hide this specific drive in my 
6. A box will open. Select "Enable" from 
    multichoice  menu.
7. From drop down menu select your decided drive & click "Apply" & then  "Ok".
Now That drive is hidden and no one can see that drive. When you want to see that drive,Simply go to same steps & "Disable" it.

I think it will be useful to all of you.
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