Sunday, December 2, 2012

Know before buy a computer

Computer has become a part of our daily life. Peoples of almost every profession or section are now trying to buy computer. As a result rate of computer sales is increasing day by day. But the fact is that, almost maximum people are not aware about what kinds of requirements they have to choose for their expecting performance according to their types of work/needs. So they needs help of others or depend on others.

Here I give some tips on how you can choose appropriate parts yourself when you going to buy a new computer-

At first select a shop that have a god reputation on market for good service to customer.
Open/used hardware’s are often sales on market. Be aware of this, don’t buy those hardware’s and take a look those hardware are intake or not. If you are not expert, buy- Processor, Main board, RAM, ODD, Casing from same shop. They will configure those properly. Here I indicate some facts you must look-up-

Processor :
-It is the main parts of computer. At this time processor of two brands are available. Intel and AMD. Both are good. But Intel processor is more advance in popularity and technology. Try to buy a latest version of processor. The most recent version of Intel processor is- Intel Core i7.

-Take a look of what is the clock speed of processor. As much clock speed, so much your computer will speed.
-Take a look of what is the serious of processor. As much upgrade series, so much speed and performance you will get. Depend on your budget and needs choose as updated as you can.

 Here is the series-
Pentium < Celeron < Core < Core i.
Again, Pentium 1 < Pentium 2 < Pentium 3 < Pentium 4 < Dual Core < Core 2 Duo <  Core 2 Quad < Core i3 < Core i5 < Core i7 < Core i7 extreme.
-Look what is the core and thread number. You will get better performance if the number of core and thread is more. There are maximum 6 core’s processors are available at this time.
-Be look what is the Cache Memory. More Cache Memory perform more speed. The latest type of Cache memory is L3 Cache Memory.
-Hyper threading is available or not, that is a fact. This technology perform multitask with more performance.
-For Intel processor, try to buy processor with Turbo Boost Technology.
Main board / Motherboard :
This is the board in where all hardware’s are connected.
-Top brands of motherboard are- Intel, Gigabyte, Asus etc.
-Try to buy latest model.
Look up that, motherboard must support RAM and processor.
-Buy motherboard with latest version of USB. Higher version of USB can transfer files will high speed. The most recent version of USB port is USB-3.0.
Monitor :
Monitor is the main output device of a computer. Currently types of monitor are available- CRT, LCD and LED. LCD and LED are latest and take less space than CRT. These are also good for eyes. To buy a monitor, look up these factors-
-As much contrast Ratio, so much quality image you can enjoy.
-It is best to less Response time.
-There are monitors with various size and types. Types are widescreen and Square. For graphical works, square type is better, and for enjoy movie widescreen type is better.
-Some best brands of monitor are- Dell, Samsung, Asus, Philips etc.

RAM is an unstable memory which keeps data during process. So as much memory of RAM, as more speed, like 2 GB RAM will give you more performance. Latest type of RAM is DDR-3 RAM. But be mind that, RAM must be supported by motherboard. Performance of RAM is more if BUS Frequency is more.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD):
Hard Disk Drive is the main stable memory where all of your files have been store. Remind following things when buy a HDD-
-Most top brands of HDD are- Samsung, Hitachi, Transcend etc.
-At this time 160 GB to 3 TB of HDD are available in market. As much memory you have by, so much files you can store.
-If RPM of HDD is more, you will get more data transfer rate. If motherboard is of SATA port, you have to buy HDD of SATA port.

Casing is the body, where all hardware is to be arranged. Price of casing is varies depend on Watt of Power Supply Unit (PSU). You should choose PSU watt according to your needs. Such as if you have big monitor and more graphics, you have to buy casing with more watt PSU. Just look up that, there is enough ventilation system for transfer heated air to outside and keep inside of casing cool.

ODD means Optical Disk Drive. These may be many kinds. CD-R can only read CD but not write. CD-RW can read and write cd. CD/DVD-RW can read and write CD or DVD disk. Best brands of ODD’s are Samsung, Asus, Lite-On etc. ODD should be buy according to main board support. If speed of ODD is more, it can read and write data in more speed.
Keyboard and Mouse:
Keyboard and mouse both are important among input device. It is better to buy keyboard with bangle interface support. Now a day optical mouse is better than ball point mouse. Look up that what is the DPI of mouse. As more DPI of mouse, as you can work with mouse with more efficient. Best brands for keyboard and mouse are- A4-Tech, Deluxe, Murcury etc.

 These are most all of the important things to buy a computer. UPS, Speaker are subsidiary devices which depend on your choice. Hope this post will be helpful to all.