Thursday, October 18, 2012

How to keep your computer fast and healthy always

repair computer, computer maintenance, keep computer fast, keep laptop fastMaximum computer users are thinking how they can keep their computer fast and healthy. For this purpose they often use various kinds of software. Today I describe some tips to keep your computer fast and healthy without any software. These tips are from computer experts. I recommend you to follow these tips which will increase your computers performance and keep your computer fast, healthy and what you expected.

  1. Don’t make your hard-disk jammed by keep unnecessary files. Delete unnecessary files and folders from your hard-disk.
  2. Use a reliable antivirus and update regularly to protect your computer from virus. Perform a full scan with updated antivirus often. But don’t use more than one antivirus. This will reduce your computers performance.
  3. If you use internet, use internet security, anti-spyware and anti-maleware software.
  4. Defrag your hard-disk minimum one time in a month. This will re-arrange your files and folders, speed-up hard-disk and increase performance.
  5. Use “add or remove” option from “control panel” to uninstall any software. Don’t delete it directly from operating system drive (C drive).
  6. It is better that try to solve any problem manually than setup windows again and again. If you face any difficulties take help from experts.
  7. Be careful to use pen-drive, memory-card or other removal drive. Scan properly with antivirus before open it.
  8. Clean your CPU box by blower or vacuum cleaner within every 6-7 months.
  9. Use online UPS to keep away from unwanted shutdown due load-shedding of electricity.
  10. If any program does not open/run by double-click, don’t try that again and again. This may cause of hang your computer. If you face such a problem, first restart your computer. If not solved, then uninstall that software and install it again properly.
  11. Don’t click CD or DVD drive so fast after insert a disc. Wait for 30-40 seconds, so that the driver can read the disc properly.
  12. If the memory of your RAM less than 1 GB, you should perform every work slowly. If you try to work fast, your computer can hang.
  13. If you know how to open CPU box and RAM, you can remove RAM from motherboard and clean heads of RAM using pencil eraser within every 3-4 months. If you don’t know how to open, you shouldn’t try.
  14. I recommend that- don’t use any software to make your computer stylish. It is also recommended that, don’t setup unnecessary software. These will take space of operating drive and reduce performance.
  15.  Try to keep fewer shortcuts on your desktop. If you need many desktop shortcuts, you can create some folder on desktop and put shortcut there according to utility.
  16. If you use many programs at a time, minimize them on which you are not work.
Enjoy a fast and happy computing.