Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How to Add and remove navigation icon on Start Menu

start menu, microsoft start button, navigation icons on start menuIcons of the Start menu can help you to navigate by windows you've never done earlier. The icons those are shown may be customized for adjust your necessity by which you can access to different programs or functions by one-click. 

Icons of "My Computer", "Network Connections", "My Music" and so on are now-a-day can be found on start-menu. Win-XP offer you the facility to add or remove as your wish. These icons also may be converted into popup menu those will expand and display details.

For an example, alternate of displaying just "My computer" icon whenever you are moving mouse, over icon, it may be popup a menu which will show shortcuts of the different drives of your PC. These features will give you more efficiency when working on pc. You can save time by enabling the auto expanding menu feature with many  functions icon such as My computer. By this way, you can access all of the drives under My computer.
Windows XP also makes it easy to edit most navigation icons simply from the user interfaces.
To experience this, just follow these simple steps:-

1. Right click on the Start , and Properties.

2. The "Taskbar and Start Menu Properties" window will come. Click on "Customize" button. The "Start Menu" settings will appear, click on Advanced tab.

3. You will see a scroll box of "Start Menu" items . In that box lists of all different features for the icons are given. For example/test purposes, make the "My Computer" icon expand automatic to show all drives of your computer. Scroll down in the box until you find the "My Computer" title.
4. After that, select the "Display as a menu" option check box to turn on  Auto-Expand feature.
5. Click twice to OK. Your change is now complete. Such this you may change other menus right this way.

Thanks for all .